Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Fling and Maria's Party

May 8th and 12th
Each year Incirlik Air Base holds an annual Spring Fling. It's like a carnival on a much smaller scale. It was on May 8th and we of coarse went. It was about as fun as you can expect. Maria rode a donkey, got her hair colored purple, got her face painted, and her nails painted. We drank delicious lemonade and had not so delicious hot dogs. That same day was the season opening of the swimming pool, so we hit it in the afternoon. It was a very fun day.

Maria riding the donkey at the Incirlik Spring Fling.
Maria and her friend Summer at the pools season opening.

On May 12th Maria had planned a little party for some of her friends. She had asked me if she could do it the previous week and I thinking she would forget said that she could have it in six days. Six days is an eternity in Maria's mind so I thought surly she will lose interest in that amount of time. Well she didn't and she worked on this party for six days straight. She had activities to do, a menu planned - that included only sugar, handmade invitations, and a very extensive guest list. She did most of the work and everyone but one that she invited showed up. It was a great afternoon and she had so much fun planning it and doing it. Our Maria is a special little girl.

Magnas, Aubry, Rilyn, and Maria, just a few of the friends at the party.
Maria, Emily, Bronwyn, and Magnas on the slip-n-slide at the party.

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