Monday, December 20, 2010

Maria's Dance Recital

Maria had a dance recital on the 14th of December. She has been taking dance for about 4 months now and I'm quite impressed at how much she has improved. Her class did two numbers and I thought that Maria did great. She looked great also. Her teacher had sent home a note explaining what to wear and on it she said that the girls could wear a little makeup so that they wouldn't look washed out while dancing. Maria loves makeup and was so excited. I put it on her and she thinks that she should get to wear it everyday. It's going to be a long ten years for her to wait for that one. She looked very beautiful.
Maria looking pretty.
Maria doing ballet to "I'll be a Little Angel".
Maria doing tap to "I Want Candy".

Ring Pops

Maria had gotten a ring pop at school one day and brought it home to eat. She opened it up and Carly immediately saw it, smelled it, and wanted some. Maria being the good big sister that she is gave some to her. Carly was hooked. Her face showed amazement at the fact that someone had combined some of her favorite things (suckers and binkis) and then given it to her. Maria didn't get much of her ring pop, but didn't care because she and I were laughing so hard at Carly. Carly sat on the rug for about 10 minutes while we watched and she ate her ring pop. In the end she was not at all happy that it was gone and headed for Maria's backpack looking for more. She didn't find any but I'm thinking she might get one in her stocking. I will put a bib on her before giving her the next one.
Carly and her ring pop. Anytime Maria or I would get close she would move over out of our reach and put her hands up as if she was protecting it from us.
The aftermath.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

We went to Lyman for Thanksgiving and on Saturday we went up in the Uintas and cut down a Christmas tree. We walked for a few hundred feet and I saw a nice one from the angle that I could see. I mentioned to CJ that it looked nice and that was all he needed to hear. He had it cut before I could say otherwise. We got it home and decorated it and it is a very nice tree. We could have hiked all day and not found a better one. I guess CJ knew that and saved us all the trouble. It was a nice day and I am very pleased with our tree.
CJ and Maria playing in the snow waiting for Michael to find a tree.
Our Christmas Tree.
Decorating our tree.

First Snow Fall

We had our first of many snow storms a few weeks ago. Maria thought that it was the greatest thing in the world, and couldn't wait for the next one. She didn't have to wait long because the next one came a few days later, and then another one a few days after that. The novelty of it all wore off very quickly. She has enjoyed playing in it though and CJ was nice and went out with her to build a snowman.