Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

We went to Lyman for Thanksgiving and on Saturday we went up in the Uintas and cut down a Christmas tree. We walked for a few hundred feet and I saw a nice one from the angle that I could see. I mentioned to CJ that it looked nice and that was all he needed to hear. He had it cut before I could say otherwise. We got it home and decorated it and it is a very nice tree. We could have hiked all day and not found a better one. I guess CJ knew that and saved us all the trouble. It was a nice day and I am very pleased with our tree.
CJ and Maria playing in the snow waiting for Michael to find a tree.
Our Christmas Tree.
Decorating our tree.


  1. The tree looks great! I love when the search is short, since Im usually freezing! We are hoping to make the trek to the mountains this weekend.

  2. What a good looking tree! We've had ours for a week but have yet to decorate it!

  3. Oh, we should have gone with you. We went and bought ourselves a tree finally. It is a nice tree, but I missed the tradition of cutting our own. How fun.