Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

CJ and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on January 2nd. We had a very relaxing day. We have been looking on for a dog. We found one that we wanted so we went and got her for our anniversary. Her name is Daisy and she is a 18 month old Great Dane. She was loosing her home and is very sweet. She is bigger than Maria and about four times the size of Carly. She is very aware of Carly though and really watches out for her. She is pretty well trained which I am happy about and CJ has always wanted a Great Dane so he is happy with her. We are excited to have Daisy in our family.
CJ and Maria getting to know Miss Daisy.
Maria and Daisy, you can't really see Daisy because she is black and the picture is so dark. I love Maria's big smile though. I think she is happy with our anniversary present.


We had a wonderful Christmas. We did a lot of things that we have not been able to do the past few years. Maria enjoyed her break from school, and Carly loved all of the lights. Carly was a little confused on Christmas morning with all of Maria's excitement. We had a wonderful holiday season, but like always I'm glad to get back to my normal schedule.
At Temple Square looking at the lights.
Maria and Carly in their Christmas Eve pajamas.
Carly happy with the candy that she got in her sock.
Maria Christmas morning.

Major Anderson

CJ became a Major on December 1st. He acted like it wasn't a big deal, but it was and I'm very proud of him. He does a wonderful job and whenever I talk to people that he works with they have nothing but good to say about him as a person and as a coworker. We had a lot of family come and that made CJ a little nervous, but we appreciate those that came and supported him. It was a very nice ceremony, and I would put his speech up against the greatest speeches in history. Maria and I pinned his new rank on and then were awarded flowers along with his mom during his speech. Maria was thrilled, and told me that it was the first time she has ever gotten flowers. We had refreshments provided by the Pharmacy and then it was over. My parents and Clint did stay for lunch, and we went to Burger Bar per CJ's request. It is a drive through so we put the seats down in the Land Rover and piled in so that we could eat together. I don't think that CJ was expecting that when he requested Burger Bar, but it was a nice tight lunch that we enjoyed together. It was a great day and I am very proud to be the wife of a military man.
Maria and I pinning on the new rank.
Presenting Major Anderson
A family photo after it was all said and done. Carly was just to interested with the flowers to look at the camera.