Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

CJ and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on January 2nd. We had a very relaxing day. We have been looking on for a dog. We found one that we wanted so we went and got her for our anniversary. Her name is Daisy and she is a 18 month old Great Dane. She was loosing her home and is very sweet. She is bigger than Maria and about four times the size of Carly. She is very aware of Carly though and really watches out for her. She is pretty well trained which I am happy about and CJ has always wanted a Great Dane so he is happy with her. We are excited to have Daisy in our family.
CJ and Maria getting to know Miss Daisy.
Maria and Daisy, you can't really see Daisy because she is black and the picture is so dark. I love Maria's big smile though. I think she is happy with our anniversary present.


  1. Tho not a dog lover, I am looking forward to meeting "Daisy". I hope she turns out to be all you hoped for. You make me smile. Love you all.

  2. Hayley found your blog... It is great to see the pictures of the girls and your new dog!! We miss you a lot, especially Summer. Even though we are in Germany, I sometimes wish we were all back in Turkey! Glad things are going well with you, I bet Daisy is going to be a great running partner!