Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching Up

I have not been doing so good with blogging. I have felt like not much has been blog worthy. The past few months have been somewhat uneventful. We spent three weeks the end of February and the first of March with CJ at home from work recovering from his second parotid gland removal surgery. It was cold outside and so we were all experiencing a little cabin fever. One of the girls' (Daisy included) highlights was when it snowed to watch all the neighbors shovel their walks and driveways. That is how exciting our lives have been. CJ did buy a snowmobile so he has done that a few weekends and has taken Maria with him a couple of times. He will usually go in Wyoming and will check on Mitchy while there. Maria went for a ride one time when she was there with him. I think that she would love to be a full time cowgirl. Carly has gotten very busy the past few months. She gets into everything and then gives you dirty looks when you tell her no. She is very expressive and happy.
Maria posing with Daisy. She is wearing shorts and sandals. She can't wait for summer to come.
Maria, Carly and Daisy watching the neighbors shovel their driveways. Most of them have snow blowers so they like to watch it shoot snow everywhere.
Carly getting herself into a situation where the only solution was to cry for help. This is an hourly occurrence.
Maria on Mitchy.

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