Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Southern California

The week of April 10th CJ took work off, Maria took school off and we headed to Southern California with Jared, Carla, and kids. We rented a condo in Oceanside, California which was about a block from the beach. We had a very nice week and I realized once I got home I didn't take the camera out once. Luckily CJ just got a iphone and it takes good pictures so he had it on him at all times. I'm hoping that Carla has some more though because we really didn't take many. We left Friday after CJ got off work and made it to Vegas that night. We spent the morning in Vegas and then went the rest of the way to Oceanside Saturday afternoon. Sunday was pretty low key. We found a ward to go to and were hoping that it would be the ward that Jake was serving in, but it wasn't. One of the Elders had been companions with him though. Monday we went to Sea World in San Diego. It was a fun day. Maria had a great day and I actually quite enjoy Sea World. They had a few rides and no lines so the girls had fun doing that as well as seeing all the sea life. Tuesday was spent at the beach and around the condo. CJ was not feeling well so he spent the day at the doctors office playing the waiting game but got some medication to make the trip a little more interesting. He was feeling better the next day and so we went to San Diego and went shopping at my favorite store H & M. It was a little out of the way, but I'm happy that we went. We then went to Coronado and had lunch at a Mexican place CJ had heard about. It was very good. We sat outside and it was in an area with lot's of little shops lining the street. It was very nice. We were then going to go to the Padres game. We paid for parking got out walk up to the ticket stand and were already freezing, so we turned around and went back to the condo. It started to rain once we got back to the truck so we were glad that we had left when we did. Thursday was our day of delicious food. We walk down to the harbor in Oceanside and had fish, fries, onion rings, and fried zucchini at Harbor Fish and Chips. They were so good. They knew how to bread and fry things. We walked around the harbor got an ice cream and watched the boats. Oh CJ and I had gone on a run that morning while Carla watched our girls. There was a path that ran along the river and it was beautiful. It was nice not to have to get bundled up to go for a run. Then that night CJ and I went to a place in La Jolla called George's California Modern. I can't even explain how good the the food was. We had seen it on foodnetwork and had read that the chef there was one of the top ten chefs in the world. It was so good. Friday was spent at the beach and then we found a Turkish restaurant down the coast. It was pretty authentic, and I was glad that we went. They had my favorite salad (smokey eggplant) and it was delicious. That night we got things ready to go and Carla and Jared made dinner they made pad thai and spam and rice wrapped in seaweed (I can't remember what they called them). It was a very tasty dinner. On Saturday we drove all the way back to Utah with little excitement. I am very glad that we went and had a great time with Carla and Jared. We had a lot of late nights staying up and talking and CJ entertaining us with his musical ability. It was a very nice break, but like always I was glad to be home.
Maria on the giant bouncy place at Sea World.
Carly on the beach. She loved it. She loved to feel the sand on her feet.
Maria and Kate on the beach. Those are two very special little girls.


  1. Sorry I didn't get you on the phone. Glad to read that you had a good time and all is well.