Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carly Turns One

March 27th Carly turned one. We celebrated on Saturday the 26th with a little party. We had dinner and then cake and ice cream. Both sets of Grandparents were there along with Caralynn, Carla, and Michael (Michael's birthday was on the 26th). CJ smoked some pork for dinner and then we had sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese, two of Carly's favorites. The cake was made by Maria and I and it turned out pretty cute I thought. Carly was not sure of what to do with her piece of cake that we gave her, but as soon as she realized that she could do whatever she wanted with it she was a happy one year old. Cake was followed by opening some gifts. Carly was a little confused throughout the day but liked that she was the center of attention. She is a very happy little girl and attention makes her even happier. It turned out to be a very nice day.
Carly happy to have everyone watching her.
A family photo.
Carly trying to blow her candle out. She couldn't quite get it out by herself, but her dad was there to help a little bit.
Carly happy with her cake and being able to eat it on her own.


  1. Happy 1st Carly! Looks like she couldn't be happier with the cute cake!