Friday, March 26, 2010

CJ Arrives in Germany

We have made it another week and a half here in Germany. We were planning on doing a few fun things such as go to EuroDisney and visit our friends that live about 3 hours from here and I wimped out. I just knew that I was going to go into labor and not be near a hospital, but here we are sitting around our hotel room with no baby and getting a little bored. St Patrick's day came and we didn't have much green for Maria, so we did the best we could with what we had and made a beautiful headband. She was happy with it, and wore it all day. We also had a great surprise, CJ came a week early to be with us. It's so good to have him here for so many reasons. Maria had to show him YabbaDoo and told me to not feel bad, but that it was lots more fun with dad. I didn't feel bad at all, and had to agree with her. We have spent a lot of time in the BX here. It is the biggest BX in the world and one of Maria's favorite things to do there is play on the exercise equipment. It tires her out so I'm happy with it. We also got some great news early Tuesday morning. We got a call from a lady in Turkey informing CJ that he is officially a Major select. What does this mean? He will pin on Major in four or five months. He is saying that it's not a big deal and that everyone in his career field makes major, but I'm still proud of him and I know that he deserves it. To celebrate we found a Japanese Grill and went out for sushi. Maria loves sushi and is starting to get the hang of chop sticks. She is a funny girl, won't eat a hamburger and fries, but give her a big plate of sushi and Japanese stir fry and she's a happy girl. That is about it for our week here. We are looking forward to the weeks to come. Maybe next week I'll be blogging about a new little girl.

Maria modeling her lovely St. Patrick's headband. She called it Harry Patrick's Day. Just when I think that I'm raising a genius, she can't get something as simple as St Patrick's Day right.
Her favorite piece of exercise equipment at the BX.
At the top of the big slide at YabaaDoo having so much more fun with her dad than her boring old pregnant mom.
Having sushi and eating it with chopsticks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Having Fun in Germany

So Maria and I have found stuff to do to keep us occupied this week. It's mainly been fun stuff for Maria, because if I can keep her busy and happy then I'm much happier. The base here has a really nice pool that we bought passes for and have gone several times. I have to get in with her, but there is no way that you will see me posing for a photo in a bathing suit at this time. I'm very glad that I don't know anyone here. I then found an indoor play area in the nearby city of Kaiserslautern called YabbaDoo which we spent a day at and will be returning to soon I'm sure. Maria was a little reserved at first, but once she got going she had so much fun and then slept really well that night. Then on Saturday we went out to eat and to a movie. We saw Alice in Wonderland. Maria did not blink the entire movie. She loved it and I enjoyed it almost as much as she did. On Monday we went with a group to a basket factory and a chocolate factory. I think that Maria was expecting the chocolate factory to be like the one in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It wasn't as you can imagine, but she still enjoyed it. The lady that was giving the tour liked Maria and kept giving her free chocolate so she was satisfied. It's been a good week, but we are really missing CJ and can't wait for him to be here so that we can do all these fun things with him.
Swimming at the Ramstein base pool.
A big tent thing that you climbed up and then slid down. I was shocked that Maria could make it to the top, but she did and loved it. She spent most of her time at YabbaDoo on this thing.
A swing that you got going by pulling on the rope in front of you. I was happy that I didn't have to push.
One of about six trampolines. They were all put together so you could bounce from one to the other.
Roller slides that you went down as you sat on sled type things.
Heading into the movie. Maria and I ate that entire thing of popcorn. I was up all night with an upset stomach because of it. It didn't effect Maria at all. Kids are so lucky.
The Wawi chocolate factory.
Watching them make a chocolate bunny at the factory. Maria with her friend that gave her all the chocolate that she wanted.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Turkey (For a Few Months)

So I'm a few days late, but here's what's been happening with us the past ten days. Maria and I are in Germany now but before we left Turkey Maria got her nails done by her dad and went to her last ballet/tap class. It was one evening, and Maria wanted her nails done. I was not wanting to do them so her dad came to her rescue and did her nails for her. They were two toned, sparkly, and had flowers on them. What is he going to do with another girl in the house? On Monday Maria went to her last ballet and tap class. She has loved her class and her teacher Miss Michelle. We will miss our Monday nights filled with dance. On Thursday we said goodbye to CJ and Maria and I flew to Germany where we will call home for the next six weeks or so. We made it fine and are happy to be here, but wondering how we will occupy our time while here. These first days are pretty much filled with getting everything in order and trying to find our way around, but after that I don't know what we will be doing. CJ will get here on the 24th which will make things much better. I did take a tour of the hospital the first day that I was here and I'm very happy with the decision that we made to come here. It has not been the easiest thing to do, but I am much more confident in the health care that I will receive here as to what I would receive in Turkey. Here's to an exciting six weeks.
CJ giving in to his girl for the thousandth time, and doing whatever she asks him to do.
Maria at dance. Miss Michelle has 10 three and four year olds for 45 minutes a week, 20 minutes of that is those same 10 little girls with tap shoes on. We love dance and Miss Michelle!
Home for Maria and I for the next six weeks.
One of the best purchases that I have ever made. I think that this one purchase will make these next six weeks so much more enjoyable. We skyped with CJ the other night and he sang a song for us and Maria did a dance for him. Not only that it has given Maria some entertainment other than watching movies while we're in the room. CJ found her a painting game that can keep her busy for about an hour, and is a little more educational than plugging into the TV, or maybe I'm just trying to justify.