Sunday, May 30, 2010

1 Crazy Horse, 1 Clean House, and 1 PE Class

We've had a pretty nice week. We were invited to a birthday party, and it was held at a place just outside of base called the Crazy Horse. Families were invited and so we all went. We had dinner outside, there was a play area for the kids to play at, and they had a horse that the kids could ride. It was a very fun night.
A couple of days later we checked out of our house and moved into the Hodja Inn here on base for the remainder of our time here in Turkey. Maria was a little sad, but excited to stay in the Hodja. It was a little funny when we checked into our room because we are in the exact same room as we were two years ago when we first arrived in Turkey.
Then on Friday a friend called and invited us to a PE class. She home schools her kids and they do a PE class with other home schooled kids every Friday. She thought that Maria would enjoy it so we went and she did enjoy it. They did aerobics and I was surprised to see that Maria is a lot more coordinated than I thought. She did really well and had a great time.
Maria riding Princess the pregnant horse. Was not crazy at all.
Maria waiting with the others (Magnas, Emily, Thisbe, Caitlyn, Susan, and April) to have a ride on the horse.
Signing Happy Birthday to Molly on her first birthday with the rest of the party goers.

Maria and Carly saying goodbye to 4059a Samsun Court. It's been a nice little home for us for two years. I emphasize little.
Maria at aerobics with her good friend Summer Turner. We are going to miss this Turner family.

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