Monday, May 24, 2010

Mersin, Turkey

This weekend we went to a city about an hour from Incirlik which we had never been to . The Turkish Pharmacist that CJ works with wanted to spend one last day with our family. Her family (Cem-her husband, Lale-her, and Berk-their son) have been so good to us and have really helped me to enjoy Turkey. We went to a fish restaurant by the sea and it was very good food, but it was the environment that made it so enjoyable. Maria and Berk then wanted to go swimming in the sea. They put their feet in the water and that was enough for them, it was freezing. They played on the shore for a little while and then were okay with leaving. We then stopped at a big mall. A few months ago Maria saw a movie where a girl ate cotton candy. Maria has never seen or tasted it, but has wanted to ever since she saw the movie. We walk into the mall and one of the first things we see is cotton candy. She got some and decide that it was just okay. We didn't stay long, because Carly was at her limit, but we had a wonderful day and will miss Cem, Lale, and Berk very much.
Lunch by the sea with friends, I will miss this.
Maria and Berk after lunch playing.
Maria getting cotton candy for the first time.

On the drive home we took some random photos from the car. These things have become very commonplace for us to see, but we realize that there is nothing common about them, unless you are in Turkey. I'm sure after awhile we will forget about these types of things, and it's these things that have made living in Turkey so fun and interesting.
Trucks are piled as high as you can get them, and sometimes there are people riding on the top of the pile of goods. This is on the Autobahn by the way.
Some guy and his wife pushing their cart of goods down the highway heading home for the day.
Autobahn going through Adana.
Incirlik Village right outside the base. It's known to the Americans as the Alley. It is full of shops and restaurants that rely on the base for pretty much all of their business.

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