Monday, May 24, 2010

Bol Kepce

May 12th-
I will miss this little gem of a place that we have found in between Incirlik and Adana. It serves the best salads and Adana Kebab I have ever tasted, and it's very cheap. Bol Kepce translates to lot's of food, which you get. It's located in the area were they have lumber yards that they use to make furniture, so it's known to some as Lumber Yard Kebab or Furniture Kebab. It is just delicious and I will miss it when we leave. The owner is so nice and although he speaks very little english he has taken care of us each time we have gone.

The owner in the white shirt and the kitchen of Bol Kepce. I don't think there is any health inspectors coming around this place. I don't care it tastes amazing.
So CJ asked if he could take a picture of them working on our kebab's and they let him make them and they took the picture. Only in Turkey.
Enjoying our dinner.

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