Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring 2012

Spring brought Carly's 2nd birthday, a lot of horse riding, a humanitarian trip to Peru for CJ, Easter, and a somewhat shocking announcement from the Air Force that we would be moving in June.
Carly turns two.  The smile says it all. This girl is special and life would be a little  boring without her.

A family horse ride on Antelope Island.  We lived about 15 minutes from here so we rode here quite often.

Maria and CJ riding around the house.
CJ had the opportunity to be a part of a humanitarian medical trip to Peru.  A doctor that we knew in Turkey has family in a mountain village in Peru.  Each year volunteers go and provide healthcare for them for a couple of weeks.  This doctor wanted a Pharmacist to go with them and contacted CJ to see if he would be interested.  He was interested so he went the first part of April and was gone for about two and a half weeks.  He had a great time and it was a very memorable experience.

While CJ was in Peru the girls and I celebrated Easter.  We didn't do much, but of course they got new church dresses to wear on Easter Sunday.

We also found out in the Spring that we would be moving in June.  We knew it was a possibility, but thought that with all the budget cuts we would be staying in Utah for awhile longer.  We found out that CJ would be going back to school to get a Masters in Healthcare Administration and Policy, and that he would be doing so at USHUS in Bethesda Maryland. We were a little sad to leave, but said our good-byes and were gone on our next adventure.
Goodbye Daisy. She was unable to come with us.  She was taken in by a family that lived near us in Hooper and we still get updates on her.  She is happy and adjusting.  We sure do miss her though, especially Carly.

Goodbye friends.  Maria had a little going away party.  She was sad to leave these cute friends of hers. 

Goodbye house.  This house felt like home to me,  and I will miss this house very much.  

Hello cross country road trip.  We drove out to Maryland and hit every Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop along the way.  We went through a lot of quarters at Bass Pro on the shooting game.

We hit Sandusky, Ohio and were in need of a break so we stayed a few days at Cedar Pointe.  It is a huge amusement park and was just the break that we needed.

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