Sunday, April 14, 2013

Maria Starts 2nd Grade/Carly's World Changes

Maria started the 2nd grade the end of August.  She is in Mrs McEneaney's class and enjoying the year.  She has met some good friends and is doing well in school.  Carly was a little lost for a few weeks, but we have found somewhat of a routine and she is starting to enjoy her time with mom while Maria is at school.  Also there is a large gymnastic center not far from our house that both girls have started going to.  They both love it and are doing quite well.
Maria ready for her first day of 2nd grade.

Carly has started to "really" like to help in the kitchen.  She is a great helper I might add.

She also enjoys practicing everyday.  She will go to the piano, get out a piano lessons book and practice for a good 15 minutes.  She then asks for the ukulele and practices it for several minutes.  If CJ is home he will usually sit and practice with her.

Carly on the beam at gymnastics.  I don't have any of Maria because we are not allowed in the gym while they practice, and I haven't gotten any through the windows.  

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