Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Skiing In The East

Skiing here in the east is a little different than in Utah.  We took a day trip to Whitetail ski resort just across the state line into Pennsylvania, and then took a long weekend trip to Snowshoe ski resort in West Virginia. Both were nothing like what we have ever experienced.  We had a great time at both. The ride to Snowshoe was very interesting.  The road had so many turns, it was narrow, and up or down over half the time.  It also went through an old mining town with a "Company Store".  We also got some snow in Maryland, and when we did it was very wet snow, so perfect for snowman building.
Carly at Whitetail.

Carly sledding at Whitetail.

On our way home from Snowshoe we made a pit stop in Luray, Virginia.  They had a rope course that the girls wanted to do.  They have some caverns in Luray that we visited last summer, so they knew that it was there.  CJ and I thought it might be closed during the winter, but it wasn't.

Rope course.

Carly showing off her snowman CJ helped her with.

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