Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mitchy is Family

We have a new member of the family. Her name is Mitchy (Maria named her), and she is an 11 year old mare that we bought from a family in Tremonton, Utah. CJ is the only one that has rode her, and he thinks she's going to be a pretty good horse. The price was right so I was happy. She is living in Lyman, so I hope that she gets rode enough to keep her in good health. CJ took her hunting and said that she did really well and loves to walk. She only ran him into a tree once, so I guess that's good. Maria loves Mitchy and talks about her all the time. I do wish that we could have her closer so that the horse could get use to Maria. Maria insisted that she needed a cowgirl hat and boots for when she rode Mitchy, and so guess who got a new cowgirl hat (no boots as of yet) Maria. We are happy to have Mitchy.
CJ at camp while hunting.
Mitchy trying to figure out hobbles. CJ said it was very entertaining for awhile and then she just decided not to move at all.
Maria and Sylvie on Flicka. CJ is by Mitchy but you can't really see her. We went to spend a day in Lonetree and they went for a ride around the ranch.

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