Friday, October 29, 2010

Adam's Canyon

While CJ was hunting my parents came to visit. My mom came on Wednesday night and then my dad came on Friday. We had a great time. We went to the Children's Museum, Gardner Village for the witch display, to a pumpkin patch, and on a hike to Adam's Canyon. The hike was really nice. The trailhead is about five minutes from our house. The weather was perfect and the colors were beautiful. Maria did great and was our fearless leader, and Carly was in heaven being carried around outside all day. It was a pretty good hike and we got about five minutes from the end and Carly and I stopped. There was a hard to get up rocky place and I could have gotten up it with Carly, but coming down would have been a little scary. Maria and my dad kept going and said that there was a big waterfall at the end. They said it was beautiful, but that it would have been pretty scary with me carrying Carly. We made it down and it was just a really nice day. It was a nice long weekend and I hope that my parents enjoyed it as much as we did
Maria taking a break on the hike to pose for a photo.
Maria in front of the waterfall that Carly, my mom, and I didn't get to see.
Along the trail with all of the beautiful colors.

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