Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I have never really gotten into Halloween, but with kids you are kind of forced into it. This year Maria decided she wanted to be a witch and Carly a bat. They both looked great in their costumes and have gotten to wear them a number of times. They had a day at CJ's work where the kids could walk around the clinic and all the different departments handed out candy. It was nice because it was inside and they got a ton of candy. I let Carly have a sucker and she was in heaven. She had a death grip on it and would have eaten the stick if I would have let her. We then had a ward trunk-or-treat which was outside and a little chilly, but they still had a great time. Maria also had a Halloween program at school and a party. I don't know if we will be going trick-or-treating on Saturday, because I think that they have enough candy already, but I'm guessing Maria will talk either me or CJ into going.
Bat Carly enjoying her first sucker. She's in love.
Maria being a cute witch.

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  1. So cute! There are lots of things I miss about being a young mother but honestly, I don't miss the Halloween parties and trick-or-treating and the creating of costumes. It was fun while it lasted though. Happy Halloween!