Friday, September 2, 2011

Catching Up

Not that to many people follow this blog but I do apologize to the few that do. There has been a lot that has happened this summer and blogging has taken the back seat. I will catch you up now though. The big news of the summer was we bought a house. I feel like such a grown up! It is in Hooper Utah and we love it. It is on an acre with a barn and pasture so we are trying to fill it up. We have two horse (Mitchy and Gennie) and a goat (Bob) in there now and CJ is working on some building plans for a chicken coop. It has been fun to have something that we can do what we want with. CJ has spent some time in the mountains this summer and has enjoyed it. We have been to a few family reunions, Lagoon, Cherry Hills, Swimming, and Maria had a birthday and has now started first grade. It has been a very productive summer but like always went by way to fast. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Okay here's a lot of pictures so pace yourself.
Maria started taking piano lessons and had her first piano recital. She was very nervous. She played Five Fat Turkeys and did a great job. After playing she just sat at the piano because she didn't want to have to get up and make eye contact with anyone. Her piano teacher finally went up and escorted her back to us. I was so proud of her. After everyone was done playing their pieces the teacher gave them all a medal and a treat. Maria was glad that it was over.
Maria had a dance recital at an outdoor theater. It was a beautiful night but it was quite long. I thought I had packed enough snacks for Carly, but we had to ration towards the end. She did like to be in the "big girl" chair, but watching the dancing not so much.
Maria doing one of her routines. I know I'm the mom but she does have the best form.
Maria after the performance.
Carly at Natural Corrals during the Eyre reunion. We had a great time unfortunately we did not take any photos but this one. It sure is a cute one though.

A guy CJ works with is a photographer on the side. We went out to Antelope Island and had him take some pictures of us. He is a very skilled photographer but we did not prove to be very good subjects. I love the ones of the girls, but the ones with me in them that I liked were hard to come by. Here are a few of my favorites.

Maria got Adele tickets for her birthday. She was doing a show in Salt Lake in August and Maria loves her music so her and her dad went. They both loved it and had a great time. CJ didn't see any other 6 year olds there, but luckily for us Adele kept it very clean. Thank you Adele we love you even more.
Maria and myself on one of the rides at Cherry Hill.
Carly enjoying the kiddy pool at Cherry Hills.
Carly and Daisy. Daisy sure is good to Carly. Daisy lets Carly do whatever she wants to do to her. She has yet to get fed up with her.
Carly being Carly.
A golden trout. There are only a few lakes that have them and the trip to the Wind Rivers was to fish this little beauty.
Jared on the trail in the Wind Rivers. It was a epic trip according to CJ's boss. I don't know if Jared would agree or not, but CJ was sure glad that he came with him. We owe Jared and Carla big time. CJ really enjoyed it and would agree with his boss about it being epic for more than one reason.

Maria out with Mitchy and Bob. She loves being out there until it comes time for doing any work with them. I have to remind myself that she is only 6.
Standing in front of Shell Falls in the Big Horn Mountains. Very impressive and powerful. It was on our way home from the Anderson reunion so we are looking a little tired.
Chad and Stephanie were Carly's second parents at the Anderson and Eyre Family Reunions. She loves to ride on four wheelers so anytime someone went to get on the four wheeler she would give them a smile. Chad and Stephanie never could resist.

So Clair and Jen have made a homemade water slide in their back yard. We went on the fourth of July for the parade and a backyard barbecue and the girls had to try out the slide. Here is a video of Carly being thrown down it by her dad while her mom videoed the whole thing. In our defense she would get up from doing it and say "again". We were only granting our daughters wishes.

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