Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ogden Marathon

CJ and I ran the Ogden Marathon on May 21st. It was perfect weather and a very scenic route. Training has been quite hard. Our Saturdays have been consumed with running or watching the girls while the other runs. I think we were both happy for race day to final come. We ran it in 4 hours 38 minutes and 11 seconds. We were hoping to get under 4 hours 20 minutes, but were pleased to finish close to that. It was really nice to run with CJ and will be something that I will remember always. There was about 12 people that CJ works with in the pharmacy that ran either the marathon, half marathon, or the 5K so we had Michael make us some shirts. They had Hill Drug Runners on the front and our motto on the back. "Start slow then taper off." We got a lot of comments throughout the race on them. We also had a lot of supporters there cheering for us. It gave us a little boost whenever we saw them. We are both thinking we will do another one so it must not have been that bad.
About mile ten (I think).
The finish line.
After the race with Maria. Carly was there also, but I'm not sure why she isn't in the picture.


  1. I just mentioned to Eric last night that I wondered how the race went for all u crazy people. Good job you even had smiles on for all the picts. What an accomplishment to do together!

  2. That is so awesome! I had fun running with you guys for a mile during the race. Way to go!!