Monday, March 15, 2010

Having Fun in Germany

So Maria and I have found stuff to do to keep us occupied this week. It's mainly been fun stuff for Maria, because if I can keep her busy and happy then I'm much happier. The base here has a really nice pool that we bought passes for and have gone several times. I have to get in with her, but there is no way that you will see me posing for a photo in a bathing suit at this time. I'm very glad that I don't know anyone here. I then found an indoor play area in the nearby city of Kaiserslautern called YabbaDoo which we spent a day at and will be returning to soon I'm sure. Maria was a little reserved at first, but once she got going she had so much fun and then slept really well that night. Then on Saturday we went out to eat and to a movie. We saw Alice in Wonderland. Maria did not blink the entire movie. She loved it and I enjoyed it almost as much as she did. On Monday we went with a group to a basket factory and a chocolate factory. I think that Maria was expecting the chocolate factory to be like the one in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It wasn't as you can imagine, but she still enjoyed it. The lady that was giving the tour liked Maria and kept giving her free chocolate so she was satisfied. It's been a good week, but we are really missing CJ and can't wait for him to be here so that we can do all these fun things with him.
Swimming at the Ramstein base pool.
A big tent thing that you climbed up and then slid down. I was shocked that Maria could make it to the top, but she did and loved it. She spent most of her time at YabbaDoo on this thing.
A swing that you got going by pulling on the rope in front of you. I was happy that I didn't have to push.
One of about six trampolines. They were all put together so you could bounce from one to the other.
Roller slides that you went down as you sat on sled type things.
Heading into the movie. Maria and I ate that entire thing of popcorn. I was up all night with an upset stomach because of it. It didn't effect Maria at all. Kids are so lucky.
The Wawi chocolate factory.
Watching them make a chocolate bunny at the factory. Maria with her friend that gave her all the chocolate that she wanted.

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  1. Looks like you've had fun. I have to admit, Katie and I thought Alice In Wonderland looked a little creepy, but if you liked it maybe we should take our kids to see it sometime.