Friday, February 12, 2010

Ski Trip to Germany

So I haven't kept up on the blog like I should have, but I'll try now. I'm going to try to blog once a week. Wanted to post some pictures of a trip we took a few weeks ago. We went to Germany. We got to see some friends that have moved away from Turkey. We had a great time and Maria got to experience the cold snowy weather. It got her ready for our next assignment which is none other than Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are excited and a little disappointed at the same time. We will be leaving Turkey in June and getting to Cheyenne in July. We're excited to get there in the summertime.
Friends that we went to Germany with the McCammon's, the Gordon's and the Gregory's.
CJ on the mountain.
Maria taking a break from skiing and having some lunch. She had a great time and was quite the skier, or so I heard from CJ.
Maria on the slopes.
Sleeping Beauty's Castle that we went to see. Maria thought that she would see Sleeping Beauty and pouted the entire time we were there when she realized that we wouldn't be seeing her.

A hike that we took through a gorge. It was amazing, but very cold and icy.
One more of the gorge.

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