Saturday, May 18, 2013

Assateague Island

We have been gradually getting everything needed to start backpacking as a family.  We finally felt like we had everything so we headed out.  We went with a three miler on Assateague Island State Park in Maryland.  It is a barrier island with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a bay on the other side.  We hiked along the ocean beach for about two miles and then cut across the island for a mile to the bay side where we camped.  Maria did great she was determined and didn't complain at all.  Carly will not be going backpacking with us anymore.  She can do the walking, but gets so distracted by every little thing that it takes forever to get very far.  CJ ended up carrying her on his shoulders for most of the way or we never would have made it.  We had a good time and are planning future trips.
Action shot of Maria, Carly and I.  Carly did a lot better once we told her she could take her shoes off.  We didn't realize that's what it took.
Assateague Island is home to a little over a hundred wild horses.  This herd came running through our camp a little after we got there.  They were no wild Brumbies but it was still pretty neat.  It scared Maria a little and she was on the look out for horses the entire trip.
Maria hiking on the ocean side
Maria and Carly had to run away from a few waves.

Maria just leaving camp with some wild horses in the background.

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