Friday, September 10, 2010

Swimming Lessons and Dance

Maria has been taking dance (ballet and tap) for a month and a half and swimming lessons for two weeks. She had her last swimming lesson and a dance recital on the same day. Grandma Eyre and Mandy came to lend their support. She did well and enjoyed doing both. She is going to be in dance for another month and then I think we will be putting her in gymnastics. She did both in Turkey and she seems to like and did better at gymnastics than dance. Carly has been a good sport and has sat through many lessons and been pretty happy most of the time.
Maria with her class after her tap number. She loved the costume and has worn the shorts nearly everyday since getting them.
Maria during her ballet number. She watched the little girl next to her most of the time. I don't think she knew where her teacher was, but as you can see the little girl next to her is trying see past Maria to the teacher. Maria was a bit behind during the whole number.
Giving me a great smile at swimming lessons.

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