Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trips to Lyman

We have made a few trips to Lyman the past month for one reason or another. We have enjoyed spending time with family and Maria has loved seeing and playing with her cousins. We went to the Anderson family reunion the weekend of July 24th and had a nice time. We stayed in a borrowed camper and although it was better than a tent I still only lasted one night in it and then retreated to the house. All of CJ's siblings were there and it was nice to spend time with all of them. A few weeks later we went to Lyman again, and me and the girls stayed at my parents house and CJ went on a little pack trip with Ben Buckner and some people from work. We had a good weekend and CJ had one good night in the Unitas, and then had some horse trouble the next night. He now knows that he can walk from Dollar Lake down to the trail head at midnight, but would prefer not to if given a choice.
Maria playing at Granny's with Ashton
Maria and Carly cuddling at Grandma Eyre's when they woke up one morning.
We sat outside one evening at my parents house and a moose came and just stood and looked at us. Maria thought is was the coolest thing ever.

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  1. love the last picture. So beautiful.